What is Foundation Program?

What is a foundation program?

A foundation program is a pre-university program which is often used by international students to gain entry into international universities, including in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand.
Sometimes international students have difficulties with their national exam result, their test scores, or their English abilities. When you think that this may be an issue for you achieving your international education dream, this is the time for you to decide on undertaking a foundation program!

If you are unable to meet the requirements set by an international university for direct entry into their undergraduate program, a foundation program is your ideal pathway…..

Don’t wait until you finish your secondary school studies and risk being delayed with your future dream, when you undertake a foundation program with us, you not only secure your entry into an undergraduate program but you also get access to a special scholarship just for students doing the foundation program at GEI!
This means that the program won’t end up costing you anything, when compared with a normal degree cost! What’s more a foundation program:

  • Delivers key content from your desired degree, allowing you to be better prepared to succeed!
  • Improves your English communication skills, so that you will be able to study more effectively in your degree!
  • Increases your academic skills, like critical thinking and analytical skills, which are often very difficult to develop when English isn’t your first language!

So plan ahead, begin your foundation program now, and develop your skills and knowledge, while getting ready to have an international future! Foundation programs are ideal for students studying SMA2 or SMA3, and with our unique program, you can study in the weekends or during your holidays.

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