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Globaljaya Edukasi Indonesia (GEI)
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GlobalJaya Edukasi Indonesia was established with the intent of addressing a distinct market gap in the education industry. While there are numerous higher education institutions providing education programs to Indonesian students, there remains a significant demand for higher education programs from developed countries. This demand resides in accessing world class universities, where Indonesian students can be exposed to leading edge practices and education that prepares them for work in a globalized world.

GlobalJaya Edukasi Indonesia will provide Indonesian students with these pathways through two foundation programs, creating a clear link with accessing world class universities following the completion of its foundation programs. These foundation programs are established utilizing educational benchmarking from the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, providing Indonesian students with an excellent discipline specific foundation for which to access overseas universities with the necessary skills and competencies to be able to succeed.

GlobalJaya Edukasi Indonesia is initially established with the intent of focusing on providing education opportunities in the business and information technology disciplines. Both of these disciplines offer substantial opportunities towards contributing to the rapid economic growth and development being experienced in Indonesia. With better access to world class universities both domestically and internationally, GlobalJaya Edukasi Indonesia focuses on providing Indonesian students with the ability to take advantage of the best education available to form a platform for greater success in the private sector following the completion of their higher education studies.

Mission Statement

GlobalJaya Edukasi Indonesia is an international education pathway provider, with programs established to assist Indonesia students in accessing world class universities.

Vision Statement

GlobalJaya Edukasi Indonesia aims to provide Indonesian students with programs that enable skill and competency development that better prepare them for success in, and access to, world class universities.

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