SUT School Visit Program – SMA Budi Utama Yogyakarta

SUT School Visit Program – SMA Budi Utama Yogyakarta

August 9th 2017



Swinburne University of Technology (SUT) School Visit Program was back earlier this month in Jogjakarta. Collaborating with some schools, Global Jaya Edukasi Indonesia involved to organise  public lectures at respective school, which was delivered by Dr. Jerome Donovan (SUT Melbourne) and Dr. George Ngui (SUT Sarawak Campus ).  In accordance with the theme of this school visit series “Brace yourself! The future is now”, the two senior lecturers from Swinburne encouraged students to get themselves prepared as they are facing challenging future as well as great opportunities at the same time.

The first visit public lecture was held at SMA Budi Utama, Yogyakarta at August 9th, 2017. An opening speech was delivered by Frengky as the school principle to underline the importance of the sessions for his students. There was a lot of enthusiasm from the second and third year students who attended the session was captured not only during the ice breaking but also during the Q & A session.

Interesting questions were raised by students including “do we need still need to study at university? What if I don’t want to go to university?” In response to that question Dr. Donovan and Dr.Ngui emphasized that university is indeed still relevant to help students be better prepared for their future. Dr. Donovan illustrated it simply, if student don’t go to university, don’t have certain schedule, they might be struggle to find their own discipline to learn the skills they need for the future. While discipline is one of the key success factors for learning and being better prepared for the future, Dr. Ngui added that it is in university, students can have direct help and guidance from the lecturers for any challenging they meet. In addition, Mr. Lukito Sindoro gave a reflective statement for students based on his long life experience. He advised students to continue their learning journey to university if they want to be better equipped for their future endeavors. While at the same time, it is important for young people to take practical work in their spare time to experience the real challenges they will meet when out in the workforce.



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